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CES is available to assist your company in with the preparation of necessary environmental permit applications and regulatory submittals or reports.

Following a review of facility operations and needs assessment, CES will prepare applicable environmental health and safety permit applications for submission to the appropriate agencies.  We will then follow up with the agency, and respond to any inquires to facilitate the application review process.

This could include:

  • Preparation of the USEPA Hazardous Waste Generator Permit application.
  • Preparation of a Medical Waste Permit application.
  • Providing written notification to local agencies relative to initial reporting requirements for Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know.
  • Preparation of a wastewater discharge use permit application with the local publicly-owned treatment works.
  • Preparation of air permit applications for facility equipment and laboratory hoods.
  • Coordination, as appropriate, with others, such as, your general contractor and architectural firm for the exchange of pertinent data.
  • Preparation of operating and emissions permit applications related to onsite boiler and/or emergency generator operations.
  • Evaluate Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing needs and permit application if required.

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