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photoThe following is a sampling of some of our recent projects.  Please contact our office for further details.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Remediation

  • Phase I for a vacant lot, previously the site of ware house which was demolished and removed, in northern New Jersey
  • Phase I for a property with one building formerly operating as a garden center/nursery in central New Jersey
  • Phase I for a single lot in northern New Jersey with a two-story, mixed-use structure covering nearly all the site
  • Phase I for two undeveloped lots in central New Jersey zoned for residential use, to evaluate whether environmental concerns exist with the immediately neighboring properties
  • Phase I for an undeveloped site in central New Jersey related to the pending purchase of the property
  • Initiation of the involvement of a Licensed Site Remediation Professional to address site remediation requirements for a property that has been the subject of environmental investigations and an Industrial Site Remediation Act filing in the past
  • Biennial groundwater sampling and reporting for five existing monitoring wells on the property of an office building to support the required reporting due to the contamination of the site from underground storage tanks previously on the property

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cosmetics Manufacturing, Other Manufacturers

  • Review/revision of standard operating procedures for the preparation of an Environmental Health and Safety manual for a pharmaceutical company
  • Calibration of fume hood monitors for a contract manufacturing organization serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries
  • Preparation of annual emission statements for a cosmetics manufacturer
  • Annual HazWoper refresher 8-hour training
  • EHS compliance services for a semiconductor manufacturer in Pennsylvania
  • Tank inspections for aboveground tanks for New Jersey pharmaceutical company
  • Develop a sampling plan to characterize chemical sludge, contained in a thickener tank at a waste water treatment plant located on an R&D facility, for disposal.
  • Conduct assessment of safety practices and procedures for an aboveground hazardous waste storage tank at a pharmaceutical facility in North Carolina
  • Laboratory decontamination documentation and closure services for pharmaceutical facilities in New Jersey
  • Air permits for existing and expanding operations for a cosmetics manufacturer in New Jersey

Health Care and Other Types of Facilities

  • Preparation and certification of a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan for an urban university campus in Pennsylvania
  • Lead decontamination services related to the replacement of the HVAC system for the indoor shooting range in New Jersey
  • Assistance with County Notice of Deficiency regarding well water treatment system for a restaurant in central New Jersey
  • Advised on safety measures for transport of infectious, hazardous materials, and training required for personnel
  • Prepare and implement groundwater remediation work plan for a dry cleaner in New Jersey
  • Preparation of biennial hazardous waste report for hospitals in New Jersey


  • Review contractor safety submissions to qualify vendors as per the safety standards of an electric utility.

Preparation of air permit applications and compliance plans for emergency generators

  • Senior assisted living facility in central New Jersey
  • Apartment complex in central New Jersey
  • Office building in central New Jersey
  • Also prepared Spill Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan
  • Data center in central New Jersey
  • Also prepared SPCC Plan, recordkeeping compliance audit
  • Office building in the metro Washington DC area
    • Also prepared Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) registration
  • Data center – Anne Arundel County, MD
  • Telecommunications facility in the metro Washington DC area
  • Aerospace /defense company in the metro Washington DC area
    • Also AST registration, SPCC Plan
  • Telecommunications/information technology and services provider in the metro Washington DC area
    • Also AST registration, SPCC Plan
  • Insurance company in Delaware
    • Also fuel tank registration, SPCC Plan

Permit compliance services, emission testing

  • Telecommunications facility in the metro Washington DC area
  • Printing / communications facility in the metro Washington DC area

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