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Underground Storage Tanks

tanksCorporate Environmental Services provides a full range of services for underground storage tank (UST) management assessment services, supported by subcontractor tank removal, waste management, laboratory and drilling services. CES’ extensive experience in engineering design and construction, permitting and site investigations provides the critical expertise necessary to provide comprehensive UST services to the regulated community which include:

  • Tank Management and Compliance Programs
  • Assistance in determining appropriate tank upgrades and monitoring procedures.
  • Pre-Removal environmental audits
  • Tank Post-Excavation Soil Sampling
  • Development of Site Soil and Ground Water Sampling and Analysis Plans
  • Development of Site Soil and Ground Water Cleanup Plans
  • Assistance in the disposal, recycling or treatment of contaminated soils and treatment of ground water
  • Environmental Assessment Reporting including the following programs:
    • N.J. Department of Environmental Protection
    • UST Closure Plan Development (NJSA 7:14B-9.1, 9.2 & 9.3)
    • UST Site Assessment Reporting (NJSA 7:14B-9.5)
    • Release Response Reporting-Discharge Investigation and Corrective Action Report (DICAR) (NJSA 7:14B-7)
    • UST Release Response Plans (NJSA 7:14B-5.5)
    • PA. Department of Environmental Resources – Guidance for Underground Storage Systems in Pennsylvania
    • U.S. EPA Underground Storage Tank Remedial Action 40 CFR Part 280

CES offers the combined experience of environmental site investigations and cleanups which range in size from small tank investigations to the remediation of Superfund Sites under CERCLA. Our experience includes the management and assessment reporting for over 150 underground storage tank removals performed by local contractors, drilling companies and large environmental management firms. Our experience within the field has provided us with firsthand knowledge of the problems associated with leaking UST’s, site contamination and the practical approaches to remedial investigations and cleanups required by the Federal and State Regulatory Agencies. The CES scope of work for UST removals and Environmental Assessment Reporting typically includes the following:

  • Project Planning, Contractor Contact, Preparation of an UST Closure Plan and Notification to the applicable Agency to Remove or Abandon an UST
  • On-Site Environmental Support during Tank Removal
  • Guidance to the owner/operator and contractor if the tank is found to leak
  • Post-Excavation Soil Sampling and Preparation of Environmental Assessment Reports

In the event that site contamination is identified, CES can provide the following services:

  • Development of Site Soil Sampling Plans to determine the extent of contamination
  • On-Site management of the excavation and removal of contaminated soil
  • Waste Characterization Sampling for the disposal, recycling or treatment of contaminated soil
  • Development and Preparation of Ground Water Monitoring Programs
  • Coordination and Management of Monitor Well Installation
  • Ground Water Sampling, Aquifer Characterization and Remedial Action Design

Our goal at CES is to provide responsive, efficient, professional services to ensure for the proper management and closure of underground storage tank systems

Corporate Environmental Services’ staff is in frequent contact with State regulatory agencies including the NJDEP. This permits us to provide our clients with the most current Agency interpretation of the regulations.

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