Jul 20

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Inspection Reports – Think of Them as “To Do” Lists

Conducting Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) audits of your operations and onsite laboratories demonstrates the company’s efforts to help keep employees safe and the facility compliant with governmental regulations.

Inspection reports are essential in helping us improve and maintain safe and sound practices. An inspection report containing Negative Findings and Corrective Actions to address doesn’t mean that you don’t care about safety, it just simply means there are some things that we need to make sure get done. Some things are the responsibility of the laboratory personnel, some are the responsibility of management, some may be the responsibility of the maintenance staff and some things may belong to EH&S personnel, such as managing documentation and safety signage. Every “Finding” in the inspection report must be reported to ensure that they all get completed.

So you can think of your inspection report as a “To Do” list that improves your own safety and keeps the facility compliant. Just like any other “To Do” list, the sooner you get the items completed, the easier it is, and you get that great feeling of having achieved something vital and important.

Do you still have items on your “Safety To Do List?” There is no time better than now to tackle them!

Contact us for more information on EH&S audits, or with any other questions pertaining to environmental health and safety and/or regulatory compliance that you may have.

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